The Power of Three

February 17, 2019

How do you feel about foundations? Do you find they are an essential part of your everyday makeup or you save it up for special occasions? If you ask me, I’m a tinted moisturizer fan girl or I prefer a foundation that provides a bit more coverage with a fresh finish. But the one place I’m ruthless regarding coverage is my under-eyes. There’s nothing more annoying for me seeing that blue-greyish tones peeking through the concealer, that’s why I love a good corrector. Let me introduce you to the three products that tick my boxes for every occasion or mood swing.

Estee Lauder – Double Wear Light

I remember back in the secondary school years, my mum used to wear the original Double Wear and it was my first encounter with trying a foundation on. Long story short, it was a disaster as my mum has a darker skin tone than me, I didn’t know how much to put on so I used a super generous amount and then I looked like a cakey umpa lumpa. Fab!

Now let’s come back to reality. Starting with the packaging, is very convenient, travel-friendly and you can use every last drop of it with the “cutting the tube” trick. The makeup itself is of sheer to medium coverage with a quite dewy finish. You can still see your skin through it but under a fresh filter. Its consistency is liquidy so it doesn’t crack in any lines or texture. I have normal to combination skin that can easily turn oily depending the weather condition but it stays put for many hours. It is a great product if you look for a foundation that looks like skin, in a fresher and healthier version. It is a great option also if you don’t have super serious skin concerns, like active acne, although you can still cover it up with a bit of concealer. I really like it and enjoy wearing it. I had it forgotten in the back of the drawer but after a fresh try it has moved into the everyday drawer for the days when a BB cream is not enough.

Bobbi Brown – Corrector

I love trying concealers and I think is the one beauty product I have in so many versions and from different brands that I have become more like a collector lets say. In the past I used the corrector from NYX but once it finished I wanted to try something a bit more high end. Bobbi Brown’s corrector was in my wish list and now will stay for good in my makeup bag. In one word, impressive! It is a quite expensive product considering that it comes in a small pot but a little goes a long way. It’s my secret weapon for having an almost sticky base to keep the concealer on top and does an excellent job in color correcting. The brightness that provides is so pretty and awakening. If you find the perfect color match you can use it just on its own but on me I find that it doesn’t look natural. Also, thanks to that I use less product on my under-eyes since I use a tiny dot from the corrector and two dots from the concealer. Lastly, the package comes with a tiny actual mirror, not plastic and I find it really cute and helpful for any detail correcting.

Lancôme – Monsieur Big mascara

Once I vanish my under-eye circles and I look awake I always put on a bit of mascara just to make my eyes bigger and more intense. Although the raving reviews for this mascara were everywhere, I wasn’t so curious to test it. But when my previous one finished and there was a small discount on this one, I gave it a whirl. Well, if you’re like me on the hunt for a volumizing mascara then it’s the best choice out there. It gives a very thick and full result. I would say it is an excellent choice for a night out look but if you usually can’t bother doing an eye makeup on a daily basis then this one is an entire eye make up on its own in a tube. It’s not smudgy or flaky and doesn’t make the eyelashes look sticky and heavy. If you have oily eyelids then there’s a waterproof version that has also received great reviews.

Well, these are my three favorite products for the time being. Quick and easy steps for the weekdays. Have you tried any of these?


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