RMS Beauty: First Impressions

June 27, 2019

The beauty market at the moment is exploding with new brands coming out and even more products in different price ranges promising to help us achieve our ultimate skin goals. They are temping, I’m not going to lie, and that is why I always catch myself wanting to try something new both from drugstore or high-end brands.

However, at the same time I’m trying not to pile my drawers with makeup that I don’t have the time to use up. I focus more on having a balanced skincare routine as I know that if my skin has fewer imperfections, I’ll need less products to cover things up. In the same way, I would like in the long term the beauty products I own, specifically for my base, to be clean and not stuffed with unnecessary chemicals.

Speaking of clean beauty, a brand that I’ve read so many great reviews is RMS Beauty. It is clean, organic company without nasty chemicals that sooner or later will damage my skin. The philosophy is not to mask the skin but enhance our beauty with some delicate coverage and achieve the glass skin effect.

 So, I got my hands on their Signature Set called Pop Collection, it is a palette consisted of five cream products:

1. Buriti Bronzer

2. Magic Luminizer (a new champagne cream highlighter)

3. Two Lip2Cheek products in Beloved (bright orangy red) and Demure (toned-down baby pink)

4. Vanilla Lip balm

I guess the whole theme of the palette is to have all your makeup in one place apart from your base essentials such as concealer and foundation. The packaging is very slim and sleek, so very convenient for traveling. It is worth buying it, if you’re like me and want to try a few things from the brand as it makes a great value for money purchase. I would really love if this had a mirror just to be more complete.

Regarding the products, it’s the most summer appropriate set. All the textures are creamy, soft and blendable. The two products that stood out for me are the highlighter because it is super creamy and naturally wet-looking and the lip2cheek in Beloved as it is the most pigmented and brights up the face. The bronzer may look a bit dark in the pan but in real life blends effortlessly and gives a natural tanning hue. The pink lip2cheek in Demure is more glossy and less pigmented than the others. It could be easily used as a post work out makeup where you look rosy, radiant and fresh. Finally, the balm is not thick and you need to deep in your finger a couple of times to cover your lips fully but has a divine vanilla scent.

Do you have any RMS beauty products in your makeup collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Julie xx

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