Oldies and Newbies

April 7, 2019

I know that new launches are everywhere and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I find some of the products are becoming a bit repetitive without so many radical differences. I mean, how many warm eye shadow palettes can you handle and use daily with splashes of glitter and shimmer? For me one or maybe two are enough. But, because there is always an excuse, I am a concealer collector if I am allowed to call myself that way and I’ll justify my choice. If you have dark circles no matter what you’ll look tired and any eye look you’re going to try won’t do justice. So, I put together in this post an oldie and two newbies to keep a balance after all and suggest you some multi-purpose products.

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend Palette

I bought this palette during a weekend trip in London a couple of years ago. In general, powders have a longer expiration date so if there’s nothing smelling or feeling weird then I keep using them. This palette caught my eye when it first came out. I’m glad I entered Selfridges and bought it. The packaging is cardboard but is very slim and travel friendly. Inside there are 10 shadows, from matte brown to a rusty metallic, for every occasion either you want a bold look or a slight terracotta vibe on the lids for every day. The pigmentation is great, all blend very easily and you don’t become a mess from the fallout. There is a mix of very light shimmery colors that can pair great with the mattes. If it had a mirror it would be totally complete but for the price you pay and the number of shadows you get, you can just overlook it. It is still available either individually or in a set of three that I think it’s called the Plaisir Box.

Too Faced – Born This Way Sculpting Concealer

Remember telling you how much I love trying new concealers? This one is my new addition and one of the best concealers on the market in my opinion at the moment. The shade range is dreamy so you can find the perfect match for you. I use it also as my base most of the times as the coverage is amazing and it the perfect product for multi-tasking. Doesn’t need setting, stays put for many hours no matter the humidity outside. The finish is super fresh, very moisturizing and doesn’t get oily during the day. I have combination skin but my “dry skin” friends also love it as it doesn’t make any dry patches stand out nor sets in fine lines. Lastly, I don’t have to wear my corrector prior to this (read about it here) and that’s because it provides full coverage.

Apivita – Hand Cream for Dry-Chapped Hands

My loyal friend for the cold weather and my super dry at times hands. Thanks to lavender extract, shea butter and vitamin E my hands are smoother and their texture is improved. It has a creamy, thick texture but is spread beautifully without living a sticky feeling. Also, it smells like green tea and that’s because this Greek company has replaced water with biological tea with antioxidant action. It has visible results and if your hands are super dry and a light cream is not enough then go and give it a try!



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