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January 27, 2019

We are in the middle of winter and let’s face it, it is freezing cold outside! On these days I find that my laziness hits the roof regarding my effort in makeup to look extremely put together. But I’m more than fine with that. Specifically the majority of my girlfriends, like me, tend to focus more on their skincare and leave makeup to the minimum. That is why I decided to share my typical winter routine with you. Currently I love this combination for everyday or for a weekend evening coffee. Let’s begin.

First things first, prepping the skin. In between strong winds and low temperatures skin becomes drier than usual. Sometimes it becomes sensitive as well and I think that happens the most because I am switching from outside cold to the inside warmth. Starting with the radiance and anti-dark spots serum from Caudalie. I am using this for over two months now and I am very satisfied. In general I love most of the French pharmacy products and the natural ingredients Caudalie skincare includes. It hasn’t got a watery nor a super thick formula but it is oil-free and ideal for all skin types. You warm it up with your fingers first, press it into the skin and leave it for 3-4 min to get absorbed. It helps to even out skin tone, bring back radiance and correct any dark spots.

Also, it is great to use it if you have already sun spots but works great in preventing them from appearing. After the serum it is time for the moisturizer. I have mentioned many times that my favorite moisturizer is the Skin Smoothing Cream from Dermalogica (read more about it here). It is a very simple yet effective cream that gets absorbed really quickly and keeps the levels of skin’s hydration high for many hours.  It is formulated with hyaluronic acid as well as Vitamin C and E, so it works as an antioxidant against environmental pollution.

As the skin is feeling fully hydrated and plump, I lately use the old but well-loved oil-free tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier. It has a semi-matte finish which is perfect for a no makeup look as it adds a hint of color onto the face and evens out the complexion. As an extra it has spf 20 for those of us who struggle remembering to apply sunscreen daily. I’m in the shade porcelain. For the lips, it is a bit weird for me but I have a new favorite gloss. It is from the brand Beauty is Life in the shade Wakai. It is a pinky-mauve toned gloss of quite thick texture. Makes your lips look fuller as the micro glitter catches the light. I like it because it is not annoyingly sticky and stays put for hours. On the plus side, it is enriched with vitamin E so it nourishes and protects the lips that become really dry during the colder months.

What are your quick and easy everyday products? I’d like to know some of your favorites so leave me a comment below or on my Instagram page.


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