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June 2, 2019

Changing products as we move into summer is a very satisfactory habit. It’s the time when you love a bit of extra glow all over your body, more bronzed cheeks and no makeup or a “no-makeup” look. During warmer months my complexion seems to deal with less acne or redness but I added in my routine some new products and a beauty gadget just to make sure that it’ll remain just like that.

Jade Roller

It’s been an all-over the web trend for the past two years, seeing bloggers adding in their routine this super cute gadget. Firstly, it looks like a gem that can absorb all the negativity from the room and secondly makes the prettiest vanity decoration. Except for these, it offers great skin benefits. I’ve been using it for over three months now and especially during my nighttime skincare it is one of my best friends.

I got mine here and I use it right after my favorite night serum with direction from the center of my face and outwards. In this way any serum or moisturizer gets absorbed more quickly and the product penetrates deeper into the skin. Moreover the facial massage boosts the lymphatic circulation. In other words, helps your skin look less puffy and brighter. It will be your trusted gadget whenever you have a super late night-out accompanied by a hangover. The smallest roller is for the delicate eye area, rolling from the inner corner and out you help de-puffing your under eye bags and eliminate any fine lines. Keep it in the fridge cold and when applying on the skin you’ll get such a relief! Don’t be worried if after your massage your skin looks a bit red. That’s a good sign. The blood circulation is increased and your skin will heal quicker any imperfections and the overall skin appearance will be glowy and plumped.

Origins – VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting Moisturizer

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am quite fair. It’s not that I don’t like it but sometimes even if my skin is calm, I may look a bit tired or unwell. That is why I always look for products that are not heavy duty foundations but provide a tint that will instantly make me look a bit fresher. The one I enjoy lately is the tinted moisturizer from Origins that I got from Sephora. At first, the cream comes out form the tube white but as soon as you apply it on the skin it leaves a bit bronzy, more sunkissed tint. It is a moisturizer with anti-oxidants so you get hydrated with a slight radiance. Don’t expect miraculous coverage as it is super light but because of the tint I notice a very decent color correction. It comes with an SPF15 as a little bonus. I really like it, my skin feels hydrated and looks awake. Great alternative to your usual foundation or bb cream during spring-summer time.

KIKO Cosmetics – Colored Balm

Especially when I am on the go, I apply my lipstick in the morning and I always carry with me a colored balm. The lipstick may fade but the balm will nourish, give a splash of color and shine back on my lips. I found that the color balms from KIKO are a real bargain. They are around 5 Euros, the packaging is very sleek and the product itself does the job perfectly. There is quite a variety of shades for a balm. It feels like applying a super hydrating gloss that leaves a beautiful stain after a few hours. The color is vivid and bright, not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. I got the one in Tutti Frutti from the basic range but last summer I was using non-stop one from their previous summer campaign in Nectar. I wonder now as I am writing this post why I didn’t pick another color as well.

Hope you like my products, all minimal but fresh. I am always into less heavy layers and more into dewy, healthy looking skin. What about you?

Julie xx

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